Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Brampton, ON

Commonly known as wisdom teeth, the third molars are the last teeth to develop, usually coming in between the ages of 16 and 25. While some may develop molars without any issues, other patients may find themselves at risk of overcrowding, tooth rotation, gum disease, and dental decay if there is insufficient room in the arch to support extra teeth. With these consequences in mind, proactive wisdom teeth extraction is a critical factor to keeping your smile healthy now and in the future. 

Wisdom teeth extraction at our Brampton dental practice is completed with your comfort in mind. From your first appointment to your final follow-up, our dental team is committed to ensuring you have all the answers you need to undergo wisdom teeth extraction comfortably.  Wisdom-Teeth-Extraction-in-Brampton-ON

The Importance of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

At Tridont Dental Centre, we find that it is important to remove wisdom teeth as soon as possible. Often, wisdom teeth become "impacted", or never fully emerge and instead become trapped in either the jaw bone or in the gum. 

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause many problems, including swollen gums, shifting of neighboring teeth causing gaps or crowding, severe jaw pain and soreness. Impactions can also trap harbor bacteria in hard-to-clean parts of the mouth, ultimately increasing the risk of gum disease or tooth decay. As wisdom teeth can develop at awkward angles, neighboring teeth can be pushed out of alignment, making it difficult to properly brush and floss. 

Understanding the symptoms of an impacted wisdom teeth as well as the consequences of prolonging removal can help patients better determine whether it’s time to visit our Brampton dentists to schedule extraction. During your consultation, our team at Tridont Dental Centre can answer any questions you have about the procedure as well as discuss the recovery process and long-term health needs of your smile after extraction.  

Wisdom Teeth Extraction at Tridont Dental Centre

During the extraction procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the treatment area. Our in-office surgeon then removes the tissue blocking the molars and extracts the molars. Once all wisdom teeth have been successfully removed, we replace any bone tissue and close the extraction point. 

Over the days following treatment, patients can expect some brief soreness as well as swelling of the cheeks near the extraction area. These side effects are normal and we encourage patients to take pain medication as needed as well as gently rinse their mouths with warm salt water to reduce swelling. We also recommend eating only soft foods and changing out the gauze every few hours.

If you are experienced fever, swelling at the surgical area, or a bad taste in your mouth, call our dentists immediately to schedule an emergency appointment. 

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At Tridont Dental Centre, every part of the wisdom teeth extraction process is completed in our office, making it a simple, convenient procedure. For more information about our wisdom teeth removal procedure and emergency dental services, contact our Brampton dental practice today!