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Tridont Dental Centre is pleased to offer several dental appliance options to fulfill all of your oral health needs. If you play sports, we offer custom-fitted sports mouth guards to protect your teeth, gums, and cheeks during impact. If you’ve completed orthodontic treatment, such as braces, we supply custom-made retainers, so you can protect your newly adjusted smile. And finally, if you grind your teeth at night, you might want to try our custom-fitted night guards to protect your teeth from wear and tear

Night Guards

Do you grind your teeth at night? If you wake up with a sore jaw, you might suffer from a condition known as bruxism, which causes an overactive jaw. Our dental professionals will mention this to you if they notice wear and tear on your teeth between appointments. We offer dental night guards that are custom-fitted to your teeth, providing night-time protection from grinding and clenching so you can sleep better and protect your tooth enamel from extra wear.
woman smiling after getting perfect fitting night guard in Brampton
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If you’ve recently had your braces removed (or are about to), congratulations! You’ve worked hard to fix your alignment and your mouth can taste the freedom. The next step is nearly as important as the braces themselves. Wearing a retainer as recommended by our dental professionals will ensure your teeth remain in their corrected positions. Our custom-fitted retainers are designed with your comfort in mind.

Sports Mouth Guards

It’s important to protect your teeth, gums, and mouth when playing sports or other physical activity. If you have ever purchased an over-the-counter mouth guard, you probably noticed it was bulky and somewhat uncomfortable. Dentist-issued sports mouthguards are custom-fitted to your mouth for maximum comfort and protection. Book your consultation for a custom fitting today.
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