Laser Dentistry


Soft Tissue Laser Therapy In Brampton, ON



At Tridont Dental Centre of Brampton, our mission is to provide patients with the best possible experience, no matter the procedure. With this in mind, we strive to incorporate new technologies into our various procedures. The dental professionals of Tridont Dental Centre can help you determine whether soft tissue laser therapy can improve your next dental treatment.

What is Soft Tissue Laser Therapy?

Laser dentistry utilizes narrow laser beams to target the specific areas that are being treated. Soft tissue lasers in particular use a highly efficient low-current laser, which produces a less heat and does not damage hard dental tissue. Dental specialists are able to use the lasers to precisely cut and remove infected tissue. The versatility of soft tissue lasers has led to its status as a trusted and reliable tool when treating certain conditions, such as gum disease, cold sores, and benign tumor removal.

How can Dental Lasers Benefit You?

Most important among the benefits are how they affect patient experience. During treatment, soft tissue lasers provide a sterile alternative to the traditional scalpel. Since the laser is so narrow, patient discomfort is minimized, reducing the need for a local anesthetic during the procedure. As lasers are less physically traumatic due to the narrow scope, long term treatment may often be completed in fewer visits. Patients suffering from dental anxiety or from adverse reactions to anesthesia no longer need to anxiously anticipate their next visit.

Soft tissue laser use during a procedure can also benefit patients post treatment. Since lasers cauterize the soft tissue during the procedure, post-operative bleeding and swelling is minimized. Depending on the procedure, the need for stitches may also be eliminated.  Patients may experience only minor discomfort during recovery, with recovery time often shortened.

Tridont Dental Centre’s Innovative Technique

Tridont Dental Centre prides itself on offering soft tissue laser therapy for a variety of treatments. Our Brampton dental office specializes in using laser therapy for a number of procedures, such as:

• Treatment of gum disease
• Cold sore treatment
• Improve smile lines via crown lengthening
• Crown exposure to aid eruption
• Fibroma removal
• Post dental implant surgery
• Sterilization following extraction
• Surgical incisions
• Biopsies

Why Tridont Dental Centre?

Patient care is our highest priority at Tridont Dental Centre and our dental professionals can help you find the right treatment for your unique dental treatment. With an office conveniently located in Shoppers World, Brampton, Tridont Dental Centre invites you to come in and learn about the latest in laser treatment technology.
If you are interested in learning more about laser applications in dentistry, contact our Brampton dental team at Tridont Dental Centre or request an appointment online and our staff will be able to assist you.