Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies in Brampton, ON 

A dental emergency is troublesome and painful, taking a normal day and making it a challenge. Emergencies often occur when your dental office is closed, but you are not without options when you need immediate treatment. The first step in seeking relief is to speak with our dentist. If you need an emergency dentist right away, call our office in Brampton. Our team has experience in treating dental emergencies and can provide you with the relief you need.

Decay and Potential Infection

Swelling, toothaches, and sensitive teeth may be indicators of an underlying infection. It is important to take care of these issues as soon as possible; otherwise more serious oral health problems may arise. Patients who pursue treatment quickly can reduce the risk of extraction and additional time and money spent on restorative care. The best thing you can do if a tooth or teeth are infected is to set up an appointment with our office as soon as possible.

Dental Pain or Damaged Teeth and Restorations

If you are experiencing pain, feel free to take over-the-counter pain medication to reduce the severity of any discomfort. If a tooth was fractured or broken, try to collect any separated pieces of enamel. In some cases, the fragments can be reattached to restore your tooth. When sharp edges of a damaged tooth are affecting soft tissue, you can purchase dental wax from your local pharmacy.

You may also find dental emergency kits at the store that include topical solutions for discomfort and special cases to store tooth fragments. When crowns or fillings fall out your tooth will be exposed, making it sensitive to temperature and touch. Use dental cement to cover the affected areas as this will protect fragile dental structures from harm. Although the cement may be used to restore the tooth’s function, this is only a temporary fix and should only be used until you can visit us for a more permanent solution.

Call Us Now for Emergency Care

Tridont Dental Centre works to save your teeth from dental emergencies. When you call us to schedule a dental emergency, we do what we can to get you into our practice the same day. If we cannot, we guide you through the ways to stay healthy and comfortable until you can make it to the next available appointment. We always do our best to be proactive and accommodate emergency situations.

If you have questions or concerns about dental emergencies, please contact our office.