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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extractions in Brampton

At Tridont Dental Centre we understand that no one likes the idea of having to have teeth pulled. However, when our patients suffer a broken tooth, experience severely decayed or diseased teeth, have a crooked tooth, or impacted Wisdom Teeth, the best option is to have the tooth extracted. 

Our Tridont Dental Centre dentists in Brampton, ON are experienced at extracting teeth and perform extractions regularly. Most of our patients say that worrying about the treatment was far worse than undergoing it. Before your tooth is extracted, the tooth and surrounding gums are numbed with a local anesthetic. If necessary, other relaxation tools can be utilized such as Nitrous Oxide or IV sedation to create a completely stress free experience. 

Depending on the level of extraction difficulty, once the tooth is removed our dentists will monitor patients for about an hour to ensure a smooth recovery. Patients must organize a ride home if sedation dentistry is used. 

A tooth extraction in Brampton can be very affordable. At Tridont Dental Centre, patients can receive an exam, an x-ray and an extraction.  (Charges may vary for an impacted tooth or complicated extraction. Conditions may apply.) 

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